Thursday, February 6, 2014


Peermade is a hill station in  Kerala, included in Idukki district. It is high in the Western Ghats and 915 metres above from sea level.The enchanting landscape of Peermade includes murmering waterfalls, open grass lands and beautiful pine forests.Once it was  the summer rest house of Travancore Maharajas. Majority of people residing here belongs to Tamil Nadu.Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, is 43 km away from here.Herds of elephants and other wildlife as well as lakes are seen here.The name is supposed to be related to the Sufi saint, Peer Mohammed.It means "hill of the Peer"'.
                                                             This area is very fertile and had rich plantations of coffee, tea, cardamon, and coconut. The area, is having a long history of spice growing, now concentrates on producing organic black pepper, white pepper, ginger and turmeric.Mar Baselios Christian College of Engineering and Technology] and Marian College Kuttikkanam are located  Peermade.Thus Peermade plays an important role in Kerala history.

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