Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thodupuzha Karshika Mela

Karshika Mela is an enchanting Agricultural fest that has been conducted by the agricultural department of Kerala in order to promote agriculture and agricultural products. The first Karshika Mela was conducted in 1989 at Kottayam. Later  almost all Karshika Mela is conducted at Thodupuzha. It is attracting a large number of people from different places.Many tourists and majority of the public are also  interested in participating in this great agricultural carnival.
                    Karshika Mela is conducted usually once in a year.It is organised  in the month of December. This largest agricultural festival in Kerala is  conducted to promote agricultural products and gives valuable information to the farmers about new agricultural products and crops.Classes and seminars are arranged along with this fest for this purpose. People can purchase many necessary agricultural items and other stationary items from this fest. This mela is also a good entertainment fest for each and every person who visits here too.
                           Kashika Mela is a very good example for the agricultural achievements that are promoted by government and various organizations.The farmers got opportunity for presenting their attainments in farming through Karshika Mela. 

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