Tuesday, April 29, 2014

St.George Church Muthalakodam

St.George Church  Muthalakodam is situated near Thodupuzha, is supposed to have constructed before 13th Century. It is believed to have been set up in the 19th century by an ancient noble lady named Kappathiaramma,who belongs to a member of the Mylacombu parish. It was re-built several times since then.The present church was built in the year 1973.The feast of St. George of Muthalakodam(Muthalakodath Muthappan) is celebrated on April 21–24 every year, the main feast days being 23rd & 24th. The uncontrollable  flow of worshippers starts by every day at early  morning  and continues  till 8 o'clock in the evening when the church closes.
                                          This beautiful church is considered to be one of the ancient pilgrim centers in  Kerala.Like other churches of St.George in Kerala the feast is celebrated at the same time every year.Muthalakodam is a suburb located 3 km. east of  Thodupuzha Town, in Idukki district in  Kerala state. 

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