Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Njandirukki Waterfalls

Thodupuzha is considered to be the fastest growing city in the Central Kerala.The fast development of Thodupuzha in many fields is unbelievable.Many tourist destinations in Thodupuzha has become the abode of beauty and the beautiful scenaries are enchanting the visitors and make their hearts filled with joy.One of the tourist destinations  near Thodupuzha is Njandirukki which is a hidden beauty in the depths of forest.It is a beautiful hillstaition and a major attraction to nature lovers. Though not steep and direct, the stream falls from over a height of 200 ft. The stream originating from Cheppukulam hill slips and sidles crab like across a treacherous rock at the foothill of Poomala-Methotty forest area. Hence the name Njandirukki. This is a spot to be visited only with an adventurous spirit.It is understood that this beautiful tourist destination will be marked in the World Map.

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